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One of the most important things that seafarers carry with them when boarding their ships is their religion. It helps to cope with problems and endure and overcome the trials and difficulties of daily life. Sometimes it’s not easy to practice one’s religion. There is no possibility to visit church services, no one on board to confide in.

The German Seamen’s Mission considers itself a church for seafarers. It offers

  • Pastoral care and personal advice
  • Rooms of Silence in the Seamen’s Club „Welcome“ and in the Seamen’s Hotel „portside“
  • Prayer and church services in German and English, also on board is desired
  • Free Bibles in various languages

The German Seamen’s Mission is closely connected to the Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is also a partner to all other Christian denominations and a member of the worldwide network „ICMA“ (International Christian Maritime Association).

Port Chaplain Andreas Latz works on behalf ot the Evangelical Lutheran Church for the Seamen’s Mission in Bremerhaven. Contact him for pastoral care and advice, church services or any information about the work of the Seamen’s Mission.

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